For Your Life.

At its roots, HOSS is a family story: twin brothers Visen and Borna Matković founded the company in 2017 in Germany. Pairing Visen’s management experience in the automotive, luxury, and fashion worlds and Borna’s artistic talent (honed as a creative director at a number of European furniture brands), the pair shares an entrepreneurial spirit — and a passion for finding inspiration to elevate everyday life. 

Visen and Borna founded HOSS with the core belief that when innovative thinking meets time-tested tradition, great things happen. They both saw a need in the market for furniture that has true soul and artisan quality, noting a discouraging sameness in today’s mainstream “mall and catalog” offerings. HOSS’ home furnishings are envisioned by designers and engineers who are passionate about pushing boundaries and breaking conventions — and then made in Europe by over 50 manufacturers, carefully chosen for their finely honed expertise and track record for top quality.

HOSS’ main focus is on the bedroom, as the rest and regeneration that happens here sets the tone for a happy, healthy life. It’s where you (and, in many cases, those you love most) start and end your day — not to mention many moments in between — so it has to be both organized and inspiring. That’s why the HOSS team is so passionate about creating multifunctional pieces that become a seamless part of your life — in all its situations and stages — and add ease, beauty, and inspiration to your daily (and nightly) routine. 


Here are the qualities we’re passionate about reflecting in every one of our designs:


We live our truth and we design for people who live theirs. In both our designs and our messaging, we are strong in our passions and convictions, and always want to be real. We’re not here to sell an elusive dream; we’re here to make your everyday reality a little nicer. And the way we do that is by being authentic. No filters or fillers here.


Looks mean a lot, but they aren’t everything. Function is as important as form — if not arguably more so — when it comes to good design. With every product, we didn’t just aim to make it attractive; we also made sure each piece fits effortlessly into busy, multifaceted lifestyles. It’s critical that everything we make is as usable as it is beautiful.


We’re committed to an aesthetic that’s clean and modern yet at once entirely timeless, with organic shapes and time-tested finishes. And all pieces are made by expert craftspeople throughout Europe. Our goal is for no one (including you) to ever look sadly at your table and say, “That’s so 2009.” We don’t do trendy, disposable furniture -- we design for the long haul.


In a field where sameness is the norm, we proudly break with convention and think outside the big box. We reimagine even the smallest details because we know our customers demand pieces that show that true thought went into their design. And we’re obsessed with proving that acute attention to detail doesn’t have to come at an eye-popping price.


We’re passionate about creating pieces that encourage people to gather, connect with the ones they love, and enjoy being together and making memories every day. In addition, we strive to fit into health-conscious lifestyles: We select responsibly sourced, sustainable materials and enhance them with natural oils (instead of harmful chemicals). Because the furniture you live with should make you feel good — both literally and figuratively.