Finding the best bedroom color for your sleep

Relaxing bedroom ideas to create your personal oasis. Look through a selection of calming bedroom color schemes to find the perfect paint color.

Finding the best bedroom color for your sleep

During sleep our body repairs and re-energizes for the next day. Sometimes, the colors we have in our bedroom can have the effect on the quality of our sleep. You may find it surprising, but the colors in our bedroom can affect our mood, which affects our sleep. Before you decide to buy new furniture for your bedroom, take a look at our guide on the most and least wanted bedroom colors for your relaxation and sleep health.

How does psychology explain the effect of colors?

What do you thinks, why is it important to choose the right color for your bedroom? Well, as psychology explains it, this choice can influence your emotions and your state of mind. For example, some studies have shown that looking at the color red increases the heart rate and adrenaline flow. If that happens before bed, you can only imagine how it might make you sleep.

The effect of colors on our behaviour

Colors can impact our mood differently. As above mentioned, the color red. There’s a reason bull fighters use a red cape. And targets are red. Red increases passion, anger, and excitement. Other affects that colors may have are the taste of food, and how warm or cold something feels. This makes sense; we even label them warm and cool colors. If you can understand the way colors affect you, you can decorate more functionally, especially for sleep.

The effect of colors on our sleep

Shadier and muted colors provide better sleep than more vibrant primary ones. These recommendations are based on scientific research. It is also recommended to use a flat finish over glossy. This helps colors appear softer, and softer means sleepier.

 Which colors would be best for your sleep?

Based on color psychology, scientific research, and the recommendations of sleep specialists, below are the best bedroom colors that can help you sleep like a baby.

Relaxing blue

Color blue is associated with longer rest and more calming and soothing sleep. In our eyes there are special receptors called ganglion cells. Those cells are the most sensitive to the color blue. It can also  affect how you physically feel during the day. The color blue is also closely associated with a feeling of calmness.

Happy yellow

This can be the second best option for your healthy sleep. Soft variations of the color yellow can be very soothing. The sunny hue of this color can stimulate the nervous system, which encourages relaxation, and the cheerful shade can create instant comfort.

Natural green

Green is a very natural color. The best shade would be a pastel or pale green. When it comes to Feng Shui, the natural green colors represent the East, Southeast, and Southwest areas of your home. The green natural color is linked to love, marriage, positive energy, reputation, and fame. It can help you become relaxed, which is best for falling asleep.

Peaceful silver

You may find it too decorative, but having a silver bedroom can make you feel soothed by the metallic tones. Some people with silver decor said that they are more motivated to exercise in the bedroom. If this is the case, make sure that you are exercising at least three hours before bedtime.

Warm orange

There are some shades of color orange that can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. It said that it can also help with digestion, especially if you have just eaten a large amount of dinner. This color can help warm and relax your muscles as well, which is vital for getting a good night’s sleep.

Soft pink

If you choose soft muted shades of pink, which look natural, this could be a bingo! Feng Shui also, often suggests using gentle colors that are similar to skin tones because they give us a calm zen like feeling. But you must be careful, because choosing a hot pink color as it gets too close to the red family which is aggressive, energetic, and difficult to sleep around.

Which colors would can affect your sleep badly?

After reading about those bedroom colors that make you sleepy, be careful with the ones we show you below.

Stimulating purple

Purple is hands down the worst color for sleep. It is actually a mentally stimulating color, so it keeps the mind awake. Purple increases your creativity. This might be great during the day, but creates more vivid nightmares at night.

Vague grey

It might not be as bold as purple, but it has the ability to make people feel depressed and can uninspire. Surveys have also shown that those with this color bedroom spend most of their time shopping online in bed instead of sleeping.

 Explosive red

Although not the worst color like you may have guessed. Red is passionate and energetic. It can increase your blood pressure and help you move faster. This is definitely not what you should be doing before sleep.