Do you need a box spring bed?

If you’re looking to change your bed or renovate your bedroom, but are unsure which things are important, here you’ll find all the information. Buying a box spring bed is one of the possibilities, and there are a few things that you need to consider before making a decision.

Everything you need to know about boxspring beds

Here we’ve put together a list of every important information about box springs to assist you in figuring out which bed to buy. Below you can read everything to better understand the different pieces of the bed, what their functions are and how they best serve you.What exactly is a Box Spring bed?

What exactly is a Box Spring bed?

It’s name doesn’t do the best job of describing exactly what you’re facing. In it’s nature, a box spring bed is a supportive square that lifts up your mattress (mattress foundation). The most interesting thing about it is that, today you can find these products with an actual springs inside.

These springs assist the bed while absorbing your wight, which serves to keep your bed sturdy and supportive during a long period of time. It can make you feel like you’re sleeping on a softer bed than you really are – due to springs inside o fit.Check our discounted box spring beds offer

Do you really need a box spring bed?

To try to sum it up, a box spring bed is necessary if:

  • The brand of your mattress requires one – due to warranty
  • You have a bed frame in you bedroom – mattresses cannot rely on those
  • You already have a traditional double-sided inner spring mattress
  • You prefer an extra height which makes it easier to get into and out of bed
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What if your mattress warranty requires a box spring bed

You may be surprised to hear this, but, many modern mattress companies still require that you use a box spring if you would like for your warranty to stay valid. If you ignore this to spare some money and set your bed on an uneven which doesn’t have an adequate support, it’s likely that wear and tear on the mattress is going to happen faster than it would if your bed were on box spring bed.Box spring provides assurance in terms of support and equal ground.Make sure your mattress warranty doesn’t expire and buy your box spring online today!

What are the benefits of using a box spring bed?

After we’ve addressed the issue of warranty and necessity of having a box spring bed as an essential piece for your mattress,it’s time to discuss just how you can benefit from its use. We’ve already said that it helps to maintain your warranty and the longevity of your mattress.

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Box springs can elevate your bed

One of the important benefits is that it raises your bed. Except it being pleasing to the eye, it makes your bedroom much cleaner since you can clean under your sleeping area, avoiding to inhale dust from the ground. It also helps to prevent your small pets from jumping up as well as small insects from making their way up your bed and into the sheets with you.

Box springs absorb shock

If you have your bed (mattress) on the ground, there is nothing to help it absorb shock. If you decide to jump on it or if you are a sleeper that tosses and turns, without utilizing a box spring, your mattress is going to wear off much faster than it would with a box spring.

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Differences between box springs, foundations and platform beds

A box spring is a simple support consisting of a wooden or metal frame, filled with metal coils- springs or a metal grid, and wrapped in fabric. They are used for inner spring mattresses. Typically box springs are designed to sit on top of a bed frame.

A foundation is another type of support system that usually consists of wooden slats or flat solid frames. They function similarly to box springs, but they don’t actually contain metal springs.

A platform bed combines both a foundation for your bed as well as a frame to keep it off the ground. Most have wooden legs to elevate the frame, while some include storage drawers reaching down to the ground level.

What to consider before making a final decision

There are several alternatives to using a box spring below your mattress. You can put box springs wherever you want because it ensures the comfort and avoids shock for your posture. It helps you keep your mattress warranty valid and longer product life expectancy. If you’re considering  buying a box spring, there are a few things to consider. Do you want a product which contains springs, or are you just interested in the aesthetics? Whatever your preferences, deciding if you do really need a box spring is a personal decision you’re going to have to make. You can always ask our experts to make a recommendation of the most suitable bed for you and your family.