Four ways how natural materials can create a calm home

Here are some simple ways to make a your home more inviting and create the calm feeling everyone desires.

The best way we can benefit from psychological and physical wellbeing effects  is by improving the sense of nature.

Why is it important?

No matter if you’re living in a one-bedroom flat or a four-bedroom house your home is your sanctuary, a place where you eat, sleep, make memories, and spend the most of your time. Consequently, your home is vital for your life, and it should enhance your wellbeing and be a pleasure to live in.

The problems of modern furniture offers and materials

In the reality, we collide with an unfortunate fact – that many homes suffer from a lack of natural light, have a great amounts of synthetic materials and little connection to the outdoors. This doesn’t go in line with the healthy lifestyle. When it comes to decorating our homes, we should embrace the idea of using natural materials which give us wellbeing benefits and enhance our connection to nature.

How to do it if you’re not interior designer or home decor specialist?

The infinite question still remains: how to do it? Don’t worry, here we reveal exactly how to use natural materials to create a calm and energizing home.

Use natural materials

Our homes have become much less healthy due to an outburst of chemicals in materials, fixtures and fittings. We are now beginning to recognise the effect these materials have on our feelings of wellbeing and happiness. Using natural materials, like silk or wool, or even water-based finishes, can have a significant impact. Also, replace your non-breathable PVC windows with those made from solid wood, such as timber. This is not only more environmentally friendly, but the beauty of timber is more pleasing for the human eye.

Implement sustainability

When it comes to home decor, embrace the way of living that revolves around only buying what you need in order to live a more sustainable life and find balance.

Declutter your home and embrace the mantra of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ to minimise the amount of materials you are using. Clutter is distracting and immediately instills a sense of chaos and disorderliness. Use items that inspire – such as family photographs and plants.

Add a fireplace

The idea of cuddling up in front of a cozy fire brings warm and peaceful feelings to everyone. Making a fireplace the focal point of a room can provide a relaxing feeling. Decorate around the fireplace to draw the attention of those who enter the room. This will enhance the comforting feeling in the room.

Bring nature indoors

Using natural materials can promote a relaxing outdoor feeling. Solid wood, stones, and metals, help remove the overpowering role modernization and technology. Some suggestions are to decorate with plants and flowers which will bring in a fresh air, use wooden  furniture to create a more natural feeling, add a wall water fountain or as above mentioned, fireplace. Decorating with natural materials is one of the best ways to bring the peace  that nature offers.

Benefits for your health

After implementing these principles into our home decor, directly or indirectly, we will benefit from the psychological and physical wellbeing effects that a more calming, restful, restorative and energizing space creates. This just illustrates a few simple steps you can take in making your home more relaxing. Feel free to add any of your personal ideas and preferences while decorating your home in a natural way!