How to pick the perfect nightstand

These tips will help you find the perfect nightstand to complement your bedroom

While buying a new furniture pieces for the bedroom, everyone always focuses on the bed because it is the most important piece in the home. However, choosing the right bedside table is also important because what you place beside the bed affects not only how functional the space is but how it looks also.

Choose your style

In the past it was a trend to own a nightstand that matched your entire bedroom furniture. Same finish, color, style and design on everything from the bed to the nightstand and drawer. Nowadays, the possibilities for bedside table are virtually endless and it is recommended to mix and match different styles boldly.

Modern style nightstands

They are simplified, usually in black and white with chrome accents. Modern design takes risks and represents what’s new and now. You might see some asymmetry and off-kilter designs with this style.

Mid-Century style nightstands

Different shapes, asymmetric finishes and geometric graphics are some of what makes mid-century modern style famous. They usually have wood grain details and a drawer or two for extra functionality.

Farmhouse nightstands

Warm farmhouse nightstands, usually have different designs on the sides, aged metal, distressed wood, drawers, and sometimes baskets. This is a charming, welcoming style that can fit in with any bedroom. Here at HOSS we have different kinds of styles just for your taste.

Boho nightstands

This style is usually associated with eclectic, so this would be a great opportunity to try mismatched nightstands in your bedroom. Anything goes with boho style, so you can’t really go wrong. Try out different styles and be bold.

Bedside table materials

Choosing the material is maybe one of the most important details. Nightstands are made of anything, from metal and marble to rattan and wood. Just like beds. It’s ok to choose something that doesn’t necessarily “match” the rest of your bedroom furniture. If your bed is wooden, try something other than wood to complement and contrast.


Wooden nightstands will go with any style but they’re very good, combined with rustic, farmhouse, and mid-century bedroom styles. They come in many finish options to best suit your space and style. They are natural classics with which you can’t make a mistake.


They are ideal for modern and industrial bedroom looks. And don’t worry — the metal finishes in your bedroom do not have to match. Except that they are effortless and durable.

What to consider when buying a nightstand

If you’re wondering which of these options will work best for you, it depends on a few factors. Our designers at HOSS have summed up all the important ones, further in text.

Space is a must

Always ask yourself, how much space do you have on each side of your bed, and how much surface area do you need on top of your bedside piece for things like lighting, alarm clock, smartphone charger, etc.

Symmetry is boring

Also have in mind that the order of your furniture pieces can be random or strictly aligned. Depending on your character, do you prefer spaces that are symmetrical, or are you ok with mixing furniture?

Storage is preferable

Are you a tidy, organized person who loves to have a drawer for each item? Do you prefer pieces like a chest of drawers, or are you ok with open shelving that allows you to display things creatively?

Aesthetics is needed

Are you a lover of traditional bedroom pieces or do you prefer to own unexpected pieces like vintage storage trunks and one-of-a-kind hand carved tables? At HOSS, we pay attention to details.

Color is optional

You can on the one hand, coordinate the color of your nightstand with the palette of your room, or you can choose totally different color on the other hand. Whatever you prefer, lighter colors reflect light while darker colors absorb it. A white, metal, or glass nightstand can help bring in extra light to a bedroom, while black or cherry colors can darken it.