Purchase is done through website by filling out a provided form where the buyer must enter the relevant data. The buyer can make a purchase once he/she confirms they read and understood the terms and conditions of purchase. Purchase through HOSS web shop is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HOSS d.o.o. is not liable for the costs of using computer equipment or telecommunication services cost that is needed to access the service. Buyer will receive a confirmation of successful purchase soon after the purchase.

Underage persons or individuals stripped of legal capacity (partially or fully) cannot make a purchase on HOSS web shop, only their legal representatives can make a purchase on their behalf.  

The buyer makes the purchase by ordering products chosen based on the photo, basic description and additional information. Photos are of illustrative nature and do not necessarily have to always be fully consistent with the available products.  

The buyer makes a purchase in a few simple steps:

  • Product search – the search engine is in the top right corner of our web shop. The requested term should be entered into the search bar and all products related to that term will show up. Buyer can choose a certain product of interest and based on available information, decide on whether that product suits his/her needs.  .
  • Purchase order – order starts by adding the product into the basket by clicking the „Add to basket “icon (product in the basket is not reserved, ordered or purchased). Buyer can continue to add products or do an overview of the basket by clicking on the basket icon. If the buyer wishes to finish product selection, he/she must click on the „Buy“ icon after which the window requesting user name and password opens (if the buyer is registered) and if the buyer is not registered, he/she must click the „Continue“ icon. By clicking the „Continue “icon, the buyer is redirected to the registration site, where he/she must register in order to finish the purchase. After successful registration, a window opens where requested data must be entered. All mandatory fields are marked with a red star (name, surname, country, street and house number, city, post code and municipality). If a buyer wants the product to be delivered to an address other than the one entered during registration, he/she needs to click on „Send to another address“ and fill out the necessary fields marked with a red star (street and number, city, post code, country, municipality). The next step is choosing method of payment (one can choose credit or debit card payment all in one or instalments, payment based on offer or using PayPal payment services). If all the data is correct, a new window opens, where one needs to input data depending on the method of payment chosen by the buyer. The next step is the order summary. For the buyer to execute the purchase, he/she must click on the /I have read the terms and conditions of purchase and I accept them “. Considering the buyer gave his/her consent, we will share the personal data with our partner delivery service in order to deliver the products to the buyer. Once the buyer accepts the terms and conditions of purchase and if all the data is correct, clicking the icon „Buy “executes the purchase and the order is sent for processing.  
  • Soon after successfully executed purchase, the buyer will receive an email confirmation on the received order to a previously provided email address. After the order is processed, the buyer will receive as second email confirming the order was processed. Once the product/s is ready for delivery, buyer will receive an email with tracking delivery details and the envisaged delivery date.
  • If the buyer does not receive the ordered products paid within the agreed delivery deadline, he/she is obligated to notify HOSS d.o.o. of this via email on
  • If the buyer did not receive the purchase confirmation via email, he/she must contact the seller via email on  
  • In case HOSS d.o.o. is not able to deliver some of the ordered products, a HOSS d.o.o. employee will get in contact with the buyer via email or telephone in order to arrange delivery of an alternate product or to terminate the agreement.


By making a purchase on HOSS web shop, the buyer is obligated to pay for the ordered products with one of the following methods of payment:  

  • Credit or debit card at once or instalments. Direct online payment, using CorvusPay service for card payment: Maestro, Visa, Diners and American Express.  
    • Security of payment and data protection when paying with credit or debit card is guaranteed by CorvusPay – advanced system for secure acceptance of payment cards online.  
  • Advance payment
    • If the buyer decided for advance payment the deadline for payment is 3 days after purchase and HOSS d.o.o. starts processing the order once the payment is visible on the account.  
    • If the 3 day deadline passes HOSS d.o.o. cannot guarantee the availability of the items ordered, however if the ordered items are available, the process of order and delivery starts and if the products are not available HOSS d.o.o. will notify the buyer on the exact date of delivery or, if it is not possible to process the order and delivery, return the paid amount in full to the buyer. 


After the order is processed, HOSS d.o.o. must deliver the ordered product to the entrance of the living space at the address specified in the order. Access to the entrance must be free otherwise delivery will be done to the nearest point where unloading is possible.  

Delivery is possible on the entire territory of terrestrial Croatia and is included in the price of the product while delivery to the island requires additional payment. Delivery to the island id 250 kn (VAT included in the price).  

Deadline for delivery of available products (the products that available in stock) is 3 to 10 working days and it starts when the payment is visible, or the transaction of credit or debit cards is authorised.  

Working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Deadline for delivery of products that we do not currently have in stock, but we are able to produce by sending the order into production is 4 to 5 weeks, that is 20 to 30 working days. Delivery to the islands depends on the schedule of the ferries and the stated delivery deadlines may vary.  

Once HOSS d.o.o. concludes the order and delivers it to the logistics partner, the buyer receives an email with an approximate date of delivery and the shipment number along with the link for tracking the shipment.  

Exact delivery date is agreed over the telephone whereby the courier contacts the buyer on the number provided at registration and purchase of the product.  

If the buyer does not answer the calls from the courier, HOSS d.o.o. has the right to cancel the delivery and agreement and with it the obligation to return the money to the buyer within 14 working days.  

HOSS d.o.o. delivers through logistics partners: DHL and prior to any product delivery checks the product for any issues.  

HOSS d.o.o. packages all its products and aims to protect them against standard transportation manipulation as to avoid any damages. The buyer must take over the delivery and inspect it in front of the courier as to avoid any further claims as a result of possibility of damage of the shipment during delivery.  

If the buyer finds any damages, he must make the claim for such a product to the courier that delivered the goods, that is reject taking over the shipment. Being that the buyer must sign the delivery note during take over, in case of rejecting to take over the shipment, he must state on the delivery note, the reason for rejection that is all visible damages (packaging, parts missing and similar) and give it to the courier that will take it as confirmation of delivery / take over.   

If HOSS d.o.o. is not able to deliver the ordered product, an employee will get in touch and notify the buyer. Buyer then has the right to cancel the order and request a refund or wait for the product to be available again. If the shipment is delayed, that is HOSS d.o.o. is unable to deliver the product in the agreed timeline, an employee gets in touch and notifies the buyer. The employee must give the buyer a new delivery date and the buyer has the right to cancel the order and request a refund.  

HOSS d.o.o. reserves the right to demand manipulation, transportation and similar costs if the buyer does not take over or rejects to take over the product without providing a valid reason.  


Every product has a declaration where general features of the product are listed. The declaration comes with a 2-year warranty and terms and conditions of usage. Once the product is delivered, the buyer must inspect it and handle appropriately because the warranty is only valid under certain conditions:  

  • Product must be assembled according to the manual
  • Product must only be used for its intended purpose  
  • Product must be maintained according to rules of protection  
  • Warranty applies to product or delivery damages in quality  

Right to warranty ceases in the following cases:  

  • Product is not assembled according to the manual
  • Product is not maintained according to the rules of protection  
  • Product was damaged as a result of buyer’s fault  
  • Product is damaged as a result of physical force
  • Product is damaged as a result of force majeure  

If the buyer noticed damages on the product during usage, he/must report it to one of the following email addresses:

If the noticed damages are within the warranty timeline and they are part of qualitative or quantitative discrepancies defined by the warranty, HOSS d.o.o. must rectify, replace or compensate the product at its own expense.  

In case of production fault, HOSS d.o.o. must remove it within 15 to 45 working days from the date of report.

If you buy an item that has a production fault, you are entitled to return nit in the original packaging within 7 days from date of delivery or you can exchange it for the same item faultless product



If a buyer has a complaint, he/she can send it via email to the address: or by post in written form to the following address: HOSS d.o.o., Ilica 146, 10000 Zagreb.

HOSS d.o.o. will respond to the complaint in the shortest possible time and at the latest 15 days upon receiving the complaint. The response will be delivered in the same way the complaint was. If the complaint did not receive a response or the response was not sent as is stated, you have the right to contact the State Inspection or the Association for consumer protection.

Return of the goods  

If the buyer already purchased the product but does not want it, he/she has the right within 7 days (starting from the day when the product was delivered) to unilaterally cancel the contract without stating the reason. In this case, the buyer must carry the cost of delivery and return of the product. The buyer will get the refund reduced by the expense of delivery and return of the goods to HOSS d.o.o. warehouse.  

In order to exercise this right, the buyer must notify HOSS d.o.o. on his/her decision to unilaterally cancel the contract before the expiration date with  concise statement sent by email to: The statement must contain the name and surname of the person in the order, contact number and account number for refund.

Deadline for pick-up of goods is 10 working days (starting from the day the notification on return is received). The day before delivery comes to pick up the return goods, a HOSS d.o.o. employee will contact the buyer via email regarding the approximate time of arrival.  

HOSS d.o.o. pays refund exclusively to the bank account of the buyer (stated in the email in which the buyer notifies HOSS d.o.o. on contract cancellation). All other paid services are non-refundable (delivery to the islands, delivery to a specific floor, assembly, delivery and pick up in case of return without stating the reason). The refund will be executed by HOSS d.o.o. within 10 working days (starting from the moment the returned goods have been received). The goods that the buyer requested the return must be packaged in the same manner as it was delivered. This means that the buyer must, prior to the arrival of the courier, prepare the product as is described in the following terms and conditions:  

  • Product that is being returned must be in the original packaging (only the protective tape on the box for checking the item can be unstuck and at the same spot of the protective tape, the buyer must place a new one prior to arrival of the courier)  
  • Product must not be previously assembled or used  
  • Product must be untouched  
  • Product must not be previously used (untouched labels and protective foils)  
  • This item does not apply if the product is damaged  
  • Returned item must be in the same condition as at delivery  
  • The pick-up of goods is done exclusively at the last point reachable by a delivery vehicle.  

Buyer must, for his/her own safety, make photo documentation of the packaged goods prior to the courier pick up as to guard himself against any damages that may come up during transportation.

If the previously stated terms and conditions are not adhered to, the buyer IS NOT entitled to a unilateral cancellation of the contract.  

If subsequently it is established non-compliance with any of the previously stated provisions (not original packaging, product is damaged by the buyer and similar) the refund will not be possible. The buyer will be notified of this by a HOSS d.o.o, employee via email that will contain photo documentation as evidence that the delivered product is damaged. The buyer has the right within 7 days (starting from the date of receiving the notification on non-acceptance of refund) at his/her own expense and transportation to return his product. If he/she does not do so within the stated deadline, the refund will not be made, and the buyer does not have the right to any future claims

Return of the goods HOSS d.o.o does entirely at its own expense only if the claim is justifiable and accepted by HOSS d.o.o.  


If the buyer notices damage on the product within the warranty period (that have not been caused by technical force or force majeure) or the product has some flaws and these fall under qualitative or quantitative discrepancies defined in the warranty, buyer is entitled to make a claim. Claim can be requested in such a way to send an email to : with photographs of the flaws or damages so that the HOSS d.o.o employees can, in the shortest possible timeline, establish the flaws and ensure they are removed.  

All damaged parts of the product or whole products, HOSS d.o.o will exchange with the correct ones after written confirmation of the claim request and within the agreed deadline in writing. If this is not possible, HOSS d.o.o. will refund the money for the goods within 10 working days (starting from the day when the buyer was sent the confirmation of the claim request). Deadline for partial or full exchange of the purchased product will be agreed in writing based on the production possibilities and/or delivery of the requested products or product parts. In case of any questions or need for clarification, the buyer can contact HOSS on the following email: .

HOSS d.o.o. is exclusively liable for material damages of the product further to the Law on obligatory relationships articles 400 to 422.