Manager of personal data processing  

Manager of personal data processing is company HOSS d.o.o for services, headquartered in Zagreb, Radnička cesta 54, registered in the court registry of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under the registration number  (MBS): 081112106, personal identification number (OIB): 92365884395 (hereinafter: „HOSS“).

HOSS as the Manager of personal data processing determines the purpose of processing personal data and means of processing personal data and is liable for keeping and using personal data in paper and/or electronic form.  

Officer for personal data protection  

HOSS has, in accordance with the legal and regulatory demands, appointed an Officer for personal data protection that you can contact related to all questions regarding personal data processing or exercising rights to personal data protection. All your requests will be reviewed by our Officer for personal data protection and he will aim to, if possible, respond within 30 days, under the condition of legal foundation of your request. Dynamics of response is in line with the nature of your inquiry and generally, the amount and nature of possible other inquiries.  

Officer for personal data protection: Borna Matković

Address: Radnička cesta 54, 10 000 Zagreb



1.       Personal data we collect  


Personal data we collect depends on: the type of service we provide our customers, users and clients, the intention of the buyer to use our services, type of contract we get into with our client as well as the intention of the buyers to exercise their rights based on legal and regulatory provisions on personal data protection. In the first instance, it is data without which we cannot execute the service and include, at the least:    

– basic personal data (name and surname)  

– basic contact details (address, phone number, email)  

– data related to usage of website,

– data related to usage of HOSS web shop  

– data on your geo location that may become available during your search or using the website on the basis of the IP address or GPS data on your device

– data needed for processing online card payments on HOSS web shop  

– other personal data needed to exercise the rights of users  

2.      Purpose of collecting and processing personal data  

HOSS collects and manages personal data with the purpose of  a) creating user profile on website, b) establishing a buying-selling relationship for products and services from the offer  c) processing card payments at purchase  d) registrations to  newsletter, e) communication with you   e) analysis of the way on which individuals (including you) use our services and content for the purpose of enhancing it and developing new products and services adapted to desires of users  f) fulfilling legal and regulatory obligations and with the purpose of  fulfilling personal legitimate interests of legal business  g) other purposes with your consent.

Your personal data will not be published. We take care about who we give your data to and we will not publish it to third parties to their own independent, marketing or business purposes without your consent. Data collected at registration on will be processed by authorised persons of connected companies of HOSS group globally as well as contracted partners of HOSS exclusively in line with the above stated purpose and they are not authorised to process them for any other purpose without your previous consent or if there is no legal and/or contractual basis for the processing.

3.       Security and personal data transfer

HOSS takes all technical and organisational measure to ensure that collected personal data is processed only in a way that is in line with the stated purpose. If it is necessary, for the purpose of executing our business activities, access to personal data will be enabled to third parties and these are: state bodies and public authorities that, with the aim of executing legal obligations, have the right to access personal data and business partners. All third parties, apart from state bodies and public authorities, must in that case, process data exclusively based on HOSS instructions.  

  • Security and personal data transfer

HOSS has, with the purpose of protecting your data, taken the necessary technical and organisational measures that among other, protect your data from loss, manipulation or unauthorised access. Measures that have been taken are regularly reviewed and continuously adapted to the actual state of technology. If there is any breach of your personal data that may present a large risk to your rights and freedom, we will notify you in accordance with the relevant regulations.

HOSS acts on a global scale and can transfer your data to connected companies or third parties on locations around the world with the purpose described in this Privacy policy. Your data is processed within the European economic area. In case of possible need of transfer of personal data outside this area, such a transfer will be done only if the European Commission has established that the third country fills out a certain amount of data protection and if there are relevant protection measures in accordance to applicable law (for example, obligatory corporative rules, standard contractual clauses).  

4.       User rights  

You are entitled to request the following from HOSS, at any time:  

  • Right to access your personal data

At any point you can request from HOSS access to your personal data, that is, request information on the purpose of processing your personal data, collection of your personal data that we keep, third parties or collection of third parties that we share your personal data with, timeline in which we keep the data as well as the way of collecting data that has not been directly collected from you.

  • Right to amend personal data

In case of wrong data, you can request from HOSS to make the necessary amendments and in case of incomplete data, for it to be added. HOSS will notify you on the amendment of your personal data.  

  • Right to erase personal data („right to forget “)

At any point, you can request from HOSS to erase your personal data and HOSS has an obligation to erase your personal data without further delay, if the conditions for erasing that are prescribed by the General regulation on data protection have been met.                Right to erase does not apply when personal data processing is part of the legal obligation of HOSS. HOSS will notify you on erasing your personal data at the latest within 30 days from the date of receiving your request and will notify the potential recipients of personal data on erasing.

  • Write to a copy of personal data

HOSS ensures a copy of personal data it processes, and you can exercise your right to obtaining a copy of your personal data under the condition that issuing the copy does not have a negative impact on the rights and freedom of other subjects.

  • Right to limit personal data processing  

In certain cases, one can request from HOSS limiting processing, for example, in case when personal data accuracy is disputed, for a period needed for their check, when it is considered that the processing is illegal but is against erasing personal data and instead seeks limitation of usage, in case of complaint raised and in processing. If the limitation of processing is allowed, HOSS must notify the subject on setting and removing such limitation.  .

  • Right to complaint  

You can raise a complaint to HOSS at any point regarding your personal data processing. HOSS will decide regarding your complaint within one month from receipt. Your stated rights can be exercised in the following way:  

  • Delivery of the written request to the address: Ilica 146, 10 000 Zagreb
  • E-mail:

You can raise a complaint on the decision od HOSS about one of your personal data protection rights to the Personal data protection agency.   

5.       Keeping personal data  

Timeline for keeping personal data of the user depends on the purpose of the processing.

  • Data collected solely for the purpose of providing payment transactions or other services are kept for 10 years from the date of the last transaction in which they were used (for instance transaction of delivery, claims and similar).
  • Data collected for processing based on legal foundation are kept according to the time limitations of provisions of the law in question (for instance Law on Accountancy and similar).  

6.       Conditions of processing personal data for the purpose of providing service of measuring, delivery, assembly and return

For the purpose of providing a service of measuring, delivery, assembly and return of goods, HOSS collects the following data:

  • Name and surname  
  • Address of delivery or take over
  • Telephone or mobile phone number  
  • Information about the address for delivery or take over   

Stated data we provide to the contracted business partners, logistic service providers, with the purpose of executing the agreed services. Partners that provide services are authorised by HOSS to process the personal data of buyers solely with the purpose of executing the agreed services.  

7.       Cookies and tracking online activities

Cookie represents information that is stored on user computer by the website the user visits. Cookies usually save the settings of the user and settings for the website such as preferred language or address. HOSS uses cookies to simplify and enhance user access to functions available at HOS website.  Information that we collect are used for remembering settings and user activities on websites such as viewing items, page movement, putting products in the basket, interesting items or items to compare and similar.  

User can erase cookies at any point or block them in settings of his/her internet browser. Using website without changing settings that would disallow consent to store cookies on the user computer, means that the user accepts usage and storage of cookies on the compute. If the user rejects storing cookies, it will be disabled on his/her computer and the user will still be able to use website but some features of the website will not be available to him/her.