"Don't give up on your dreams... keep sleeping..."

Technical Details
  • + Mattress height: 12 2/3″
  • + Maximum load: 396 lb
  • + Degree of hardness: Medium
  • + The mattress has the following certificates:
  •               – Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  •               – Eurocert ISO 9001: 2008
  •               – Eurocert EN 1957: 2012
  •               – Swiss ISO 14698-1 / 2/3: 2003
  • + It is airy, suitable for adjustable bed slats
  • + Stitched upper and lower part provide optimal ventilation
  • + It has sewn fabric handles on both sides for easy manipulation
  • + Removable and washable cover has summer (cotton) and winter side (cotton + wool)
  • + The mattress has a 7-zone pocket spring core (TFK 500)
  • + The mattress has two hardnesses H2 (latex lining + HR sponge) and H3 (HR sponge lining)





Healthy and peaceful sleep...

Helis is a high quality mattress made of memory foam and HR foam. Its 7-zone pocket spring core supports your body and provides you with superior comfort. The removable and washable cover made of cotton on one side has built-in wool, and is suitable for the winter months, while the other side, which contains only cotton, is suitable for summer. Apart from the summer / winter side of the cover, the mattress itself has a softer and harder side. The softer H2 side is made of latex, while the harder one is made of HR sponge. Helis is a mattress that adapts to every body, and enables healthy and peaceful sleep.

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