Six tips for choosing your bed online

Buy beds online and save big. How to choose a bed online? Best tips for your shopping on one place.

Benefits of buying a bed online

Here is our guide that will walk you through some crucial steps of ordering a bed online. Here at HOSS we value the preferences of our customers, so we want to help you through your online shopping journey. We’ll show you what to look for and how to choose the right mattress, because it can be a little confusing to buy something so tactile online.

Convenience of buying

Why on Earth would anyone buy a bed, something they spend about a third of their lives on, without seeing it first? For the same reason we order our clothes, food, and other everyday items online: It’s easy! With long sleep trials, exchange programs, and often free delivery makes online mattress shopping a total snap.

It can be more economical

Since online market is available to everyone and anyone, it can be quite competitive. According to that, businesses usually offer a lot of discounts and coupons for online shopping. They even offer bundles of different furniture pieces which in offline world wouldn’t be available. They can do that because of the savings for not paying sales people and retailers. For you it means cheaper items and more benefits.

You don’t have to award the seller

Buying something in a store can sometimes make you feel pressured. Maybe you’ll feel forced to hand out your phone number or email. Maybe you just don’t want to be asked every few minutes if you’re ready to make a purchase, or ”How can I help you?” famous sentence.

Extended trial period

Some furniture companies even offer a trial period during which you can get a real feel for your new bed. The length of the periods may vary. In today’s competitive market, especially online, some businesses even offer extended trial periods, which goes past the old school 100 day’s trial.

How to buy your bed online?

Now that we’ve mastered some key insights on shopping for furniture online and why it can be better for both sides we’ll show you some things to watch out and make your shopping easier. So, let’s start!

Check the online reviews

It would be wise to begin your search by reading the reviews about the furniture piece you are interested in. Most reviews will walk you through how each product should feel and how it should perform for various types of sleepers.

Some businesses even offer YouTube reviews that allow you to see exactly how the bed performs when an actual person lies on it. Benchmarks will tell you how each brand compares to other beds with the same basic design and function. This information could help you find the perfect bed so you won’t have to worry about returns.

Know your materials

  • Memory foam today has new cooling technologies that work to counteract overheating.
  • Hybrid beds combine advantages of multiple materials by using more than one in its construction. The most common type is a foam/coil hybrid.
  • Innerspring matresses contain spring or coil systems but may also feature a foam layer for enhanced comfort.
  • Latex beds are sometimes a more eco-friendly option, being made from more natural materials that are often temperature neutral.

Define your budget in advance

After you decide the type of mattress you want, the materials, and you’ve even checked out reviews, it’s  time to define your budget. In online world there are offers for customers of any budget, from those looking for a luxury feel to shoppers seeking a budget bed. At HOSS you get your value for money. We want our customers not to feel cheated or manipulated with.

Watch for the top furniture brands

When you have your budget defined it’s easy to find a perfect match. Pick your top three favourites and compare the services and features provided by each offer to make the final decision.

Check to see if they offer the sleeping trials

This allows you to experience the bed in your home, in the way in which you will be using it in your future. This should provide a much more accurate picture of how the bed will perform for you than if you simply lie on the bed for a few minutes in a shop.

Always ask for warranty

Most furniture companies will offer a warranty that covers issues that could arise through normal use. At HOSS we give a two year warranty on all of our products.